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The type of mobile screen protection film

High-end screen protection film for three commonly used PET raw material imports, of which 3M and Taiwan, Japan, for the top grade raw materials, raw materials for domestic and South Korea was second, more serious cloud point, the quality was defective, generally appear as a low-grade protection film material. From the functional point of view, the screen protection film is mainly sub-seven kinds of:

1: General protection film
This protection film thickness is relatively thin, the main function of dust, light transmission rate of about 92%. Such protection film the majority of the use of ordinary adhesive, paste, after more or less in the LCD screen on the left adhesive residue, easy to clean the use of a period of time after leaving a number of scratches in the protection of the membrane, interfering with normal visual effects. to mobile protection film, for example, the market price of such products is generally 1-2 per hour, there is JS seq Mitsuyoshi, impersonating scratch-resistant protection film for sale category to earn high profits. a penny a sub-goods, merchants can not do lose money trading the market price of 1-2 yuan basically can not buy a good quality phone protection film.
2: 4H scratch-resistant protection film-type wear-resistant
This protection film to be thicker than the ordinary use of 190HC high scratch resistant 4H material, the main function of a very good addition to dust, the light transmission rate of up to 98%, the surface of the carbon crystal layer HC treatment process, anti-scratch wear obvious effect to a certain degree of impact against the use of absorption features with electrostatic adhesion of the silicone does not leave residue on the LCD screen surface of plastic, for no other special requirements of the friends, such a screen protection film for the first choice, cost-effective higher. OK8 brand 14-inch notebook scratch-resistant protection film, the market price is generally around 35 yuan.
3: AG frosted anti-reflective protection film
190AG frosted with anti-reflective, PET material, thickness and scratch-resistant protection film wear the same type, in addition to an integrated-type scratch-resistant wear-resistant protection film of the advantages, the biggest advantage of this protection film is to add a "protection film mirror grinding process, "the face of a bright LCD screen, windows, even in sunlight, it is also easy to see the contents of the screen, effectively reducing eye fatigue, in addition, frosted matte protection film can effectively prevent the finger-prints left behind to 14-inch laptop protection film, for example, the market sold for 58 yuan Kai.
4: AR UV protection film
PET material used 290AR UV, AR protection film and scratch-resistant protection film the biggest difference is that the surface after AR treatment. The color is more vibrant, full, bright.
5 OK8 protection film against electromagnetic radiation
This protection film is characterized by the largest one more, "electromagnetic interference dielectric overlays craft" while frosted matte after AG treatment, is currently on the market a real anti-electromagnetic radiation protection film, there is authority of the State inspection agencies inspection report. Especially suitable for pregnant women, children and more than six hours a day to face the crowd a computer to use. because of complex process, prices are the highest protection film other computers, the 14-inch notebook OK8 anti-electromagnetic radiation protection film market price of 199 yuan
6 mirror membrane
This protection film features a scratch-resistant wear-resistant protection film based on the model added a "Silver film" technology, when the LCD screen is in working condition can clearly see the picture on the screen when the screen is turned off, or liquid standby mode, due to the reflection silver mirror imaging principle, it has a mirror effect. Needless to say, for the beauty of the girls, this is a natural protection film is the preferred mobile phone.
7 Anti glimpse of membrane
This protection film is characterized by addition of an "ultra-fine blind" process, so that the screen of information specifically for users of 60-degree angle from the front range of reading, a person can only see black screen on both sides played to protect confidential business and personal The role of privacy.
Summary: From the author experience, as well as feedback from the market point of view, for quite a mixed bag of common screen protection film, in particular to note the time of purchase, mostly in the used period of time will find that there are lines in scratch protection film, LCD screens will also be fabric Man residual glue, while the stubborn adhesive residue is also a very difficult dealing with them, then regret it too late.

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