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Identification of sand blasting and the use of protective film

Protective film also known as tape, is a widely used metal, glass, marble and a variety of finished products, profiles of the processing of easy-to-face contact with protective layer of plastic products. Blasting protective film refers to the use of a special kind of spray gun to spray diamond protective layer of glass sculpture. The role of protective film is to protect the material in the production and transportation process is not damaged. Blasting protective film though widely used, but quite a good understanding of their familiar and not many people, it is necessary to help its purpose, use and quality of identification and so on to make a brief introduction.

Protective film generally divided into two species: one is oil-free gel-off at the end of paper: the other is a water-binder-off at the end of the paper. These two are composed of three parts: the silicon coated release paper, glue (oil or water-adhesive rubber), PVC plastic mask.
Oil-based plastic compound film, due to different purposes is generally not known as the Protection Film (also used for protection), the mainly used for advertising productions, such as computer carving and so on, is the role of its oil-painted plastic text, graphics is not easy deformation, suitable for long-term paste is not easy Alice edge off of such products such as sticky notes, furniture paste, paste and other signs.

Blasting protective film is a water-binder composite protective film is water-binder composite protective film, mainly for sandblasting carving art glass area, as well as other items to protect the surface. Amin glue series water glue that is, this glue non-toxic, harmless to human body is in line with national regulations the green environment-friendly glue.

The quality requirements for blast protection film can be summarized in three points: 1, first of all asked not to degumming, in the glass processing is completed, thrown off when the blast protective film was processed glass surface can not be a little glue residue and traces in order to maintain product bright and clean and and aesthetic. 2, strength and toughness is good, means the mask can withstand up to 6 ~ 8 jet Emery kg of impact, otherwise they will break breakdown protective film is processed objects. 3, there is an appropriate viscosity, refers to both mask wear stickers prison * to paste on the vitreous being protected, but also in the blasting process is completed successfully thrown off protective film, and will not result Cui Bo fracture, tear increase unnecessary trouble.

Sandblasting protective film of the color and size can be customized with the user's requirements, a common color is white, yellow. Specifications commonly used in a wide 46,60,90,106 cm, length in meters, according to the user and request.


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