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How to buy laptop LCD screen protective film?

The popularity of LCD screens, giving us a lot of advantages & convenience, but it is also marked by a number of disadvantages:

1, brightness problems, LCD brightness, there is no CRT high, if long-term to the maximum brightness, it is easy to make liquid crystal panel and backlight lamp aging, resulting in LCD screen, color cast, usually yellow.
2, the narrow viewing angle LCD screen.
3, LCD screen is very fragile, very easy to scratch in the use of the process, if there is dust and other debris falls on the screen, even with special screen cleaning cloth to clean and also very easy to create LCD screen scratches , in the shutdown case, it is obvious you can see. If you use chemicals like alcohol to clean the corrosion on the screen have a certain role in influencing the life of LCD screens

The characteristics of liquid crystal protective film
Laptop LCD screen protective film is the notebook for all the accessories can easily be overlooked by everyone but is a very important accessory because they can not face problems relating to love machine, but also to the expensive LCD screen protection. Accidentally purchase to the poor protective film, film bad trouble, but hurt the small screen on the distressed people. So how to choose an effective protection of the screen protective film then?

     A, purchase LCD screen protective film should pay attention to:

An absolute non-adhesive - currently on the market of the protective film products are mostly made of imitation of materials in Japan, the lack of PET synthesis, only the use of glue to combine silicon and PET. When the user's digital products arising from the use of the heat will make the glue a difference in temperature, resulting in part of the silica gel has begun to drop the LCD screen is extremely difficult to re-clean, causing damage to LCD screen.

2, anti-reflective design - the majority of LCD monitors have a greater number of digital products are for outdoor use, consumers should choose to use a feature anti-reflective LCD protective film, in addition to flowers with a scratch-resistant and anti-finger mode is also available House must be considered one of the functions.
     Second, understanding of their needs

LCD protective film currently on the market can be divided into three categories:

[1] anti-reflective film (AG film): apply to all LCD digital products, due to scratch-resistant flowers for their outstanding, deeply laptop users welcomed the price cheaper.

[2] high permeability membrane (UL film): PET surface of the mirror for special treatment, after use to keep the screen images are crisp, clear colors, used in the LCD screen is ideal for indoor viewing. But the anti-reflective properties, anti-oil and anti-fingerprint properties of less than anti-reflective film.

[3] Anti-reflective high-permeability film (AR film): currently on the market the only kinds of both the rate of 92% light transmission function of both anti-reflective liquid crystal protective film. Outdoor Low-reflex design particularly suitable for dark environments, clear and sharp images that can block visible light, ultraviolet radiation field up to 90%, protect the eyes. The disadvantage is that because of its high content of technology, science and technology, the cost is very expensive, so currently only used in the production of digital cameras, 2.5-inch below the protective film. (This material is unique to the era of material goods)

      Third, consumers spend tens of dollars or even a few hundred yuan to buy liquid crystal protective film, aims to protect digital products from the destruction of the beloved, are both in material goods product quality assurance, the protective film must be correct size and shape, while side of the protective film made in Japan-bit submissive, does not appear interface place. In addition, life will be longer-lasting protective film.

Fourth, price comparison - believe that all consumers are most concerned about is the price over the past hundred dollars to buy a film worth it? You will find the prices of different brands can vary greatly, please bear in mind that material can be very important reasons, different origin and coarse and crude Cutting packaging technology will be made of price differences. To really give you confidence in the product must have all of the above conditions, because of some temporary cause inexpensive LCD screen broke, they had more losses than gains.

High-quality LCD Screen Protector basic characteristics:

1. Without glue

Authentic use of PET synthesis LCD Screen Protector is made without glue component, the current market, there are some protectors are fabricated materials in Japan is made using only glue combination of silicon and PET, there is no use of PET synthesis. Results Using a long time, digital products, heat the glue to make a difference in temperature, some gel left in the LCD surface becomes very difficult to remove.

2. Anti-reflective design

With LCD digital products such as digital cameras, PDA & from = forum7 "target = _blank> PDA, DV, and many other often in outdoor use, we should choose to use with anti-reflective LCD Screen Protector function. In addition, scratch-resistant and anti-finger flower capacity is also one of the places we have to pay attention.

Three types of Protector features:

The first is: to prevent reflective type.

Applies to all LCD displays digital products, due to scratch-resistant flowers for their outstanding, deeply PDA, users, are cheaper. To prevent the effects of reflective-type paste

The second: transparent gloss-type (using the PET material)

PET surface by special processing, high transmittance, effects after use to keep images sharp, color clear, used in LCD monitor or LCD TV is ideal for indoor viewing. However, such protection does not take care of the design and paste outdoor users, a higher degree of reflective materials, while leaving more easily on the surface traces of finger and oil copies.

The third: Outdoor Low-reflective

The only existing 98% of high light transmission and function of both anti-reflective LCD Screen Protector, specially designed for outdoor light environment, clear and sharp images, apart from also reduce 90% of ultraviolet rays, reducing the eye of the伤害. Such protection paste designed for digital cameras, is also the most expensive price. At present the global market, outdoor low-reflective LCD Protector Japanese products, only Japan Arvel the latest ARM LCD protective film series a, ARM LCD protective film series is also currently the only market outside of Japan, 100% Japan-wide mechanical processes of production LCD Protector, with Japanese manufacturers and Japanese Chamber of Industry to prove.

On the current market price of mobile phone screen protective film 1-60 yuan price range, and the quality varies, and even the ordinary cellophane tape (PP material) as a protective film, the buyer, after the surface attached to the mobile phone LCD , there is no surface has been worn a few days too could not see the screen content, simply can not protect the screen, even worse is that buyers want to replace the protective film and can not tear off, only wipe with a hard object, with a blade scraping, ranging from scratches surface, while in damage to liquid crystal surface.

Now an analysis of several common materials:

1, PP material (similar to plastic bags)

Most of this material is the first generation of protective film, soft materials, the light transmission rate difference, It can hardly be scratch-resistant flowers, the role of anti-wear can only be dust proof point, the main role of big points, or psychological.

2, PET material

Transparent optical grade polyester film (PET) plastic coating special protection, the paste together the thickness of 0.050m / m transparent polyester (PET) release film of the composition; surface hardening up to 4H, good weather resistance, low adhesion Li and easy to tear, and has high light transmission rate of approach of taking Ч B glance salary skeleton S Di Da Hae Yi Ren π hundred Ik was emerging with increasing frequency as the margin rarely grumble Yi PD timely and easy to display and paste the air bubbles coated with the special design can increase the attractive flat-panel displays.

To preserve the environment: indoor ambient temperature 25 ℃, relative humidity 65%.

3, ARM Material

Ten original ARM Material characteristics:

1. The surface through the SMART Process, wear anti-scratch
2. With silicone compound layer is thinner, to prevent the formation of air bubbles
3. Not leave any trace, non-corrosive surface
4. Transmittance over 95%
5. Is not reflective, and can enhance the color LCD screen to restore the degree of
6. Effective in preventing UV
7. Can effectively absorb part of the direct impact, appropriateness to protect your LCD screen
8. Stylus can be effective in preventing wear and tear on the LCD screen
9. Non-corrosive adhesive, effective care for your "love machine"
10. Safe and reliable, does not contain any harmful ingredients


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